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14 Leading Experts Show How You Can Use Social Media Marketing Regardless of Your Background, Education or Experience Level


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From the desk of: David Carleton

San Diego, CA

Dear Business Professionals,

Ever get an e-mail from a friend or colleague asking you to join LinkedIn™  but didn't know what it was or why they were asking you to join?  Did you know that Facebook™ and YouTube™  are more than just websites that high school and college kids spend their time on?  Have you ever heard of Ryze™ Digg™  and Squidoo? 

If these words or websites are not in your current marketing vocabulary, then you and your company are missing out on one the most important Internet phenomena since e-mail.  I kid you not.  If you are not taking advantage of what some experts are calling the Social Media Revolution, then you are missing out on the #1 opportunity to significantly grow your business, bar none!

Some refer to it as Web 2.0, others as grass roots media.  Regardless of what you call it, it’s powerful.  How powerful?  6 of the top 10 websites are social media sites with combined monthly visits approaching 1 Billion.  That’s Billion with a “B”. These include YouTube,, Facebook, MySpace, Wikapedia, and Blogger. 

Who Uses Social Media?

You do!  That’s right.  You are already using or participating in social media whether you realize it or not.  Ever look up old friends on, read a blog, watch a YouTube video or look up a definition on Wikapedia?  Congratulations, you are part of the social media revolution!

And guess what, so are your customers and prospectives.  A recent survey by Pew Research found that the proportion of Americans using social networking sites increased from 7 – 22% since 2005.

“What is Social Media Marketing and How Can it Help My Business?

Social media marketing is a method of promoting your brand, product, service or company by making your presence known via a variety of social media networks.  Social media marketing is much more viral than traditional forms of marketing because users now become content producers by posting blogs, writing articles, leaving short comments and messages. This relatively new marketing allows you to enter the minds of your consumers and prospects and have a real conversation and/or tell them a story about your company, products or services.

The bottom line is that consumers trust referrals from friends on social networking sites more than they trust advertising.  In this case, friends are those they’ve met and built a relationship with within their specific community or network.  And even though they’ve never met, a bond and level of trust has been built up over time and multiple interactions and "conversations".

Social Media is the Ultimate Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

In this economy, companies big and small are looking for unique, effective and inexpensive ways to find more leads, get more referrals and of course increase sales. Social media is an easy and affordable way to do just that if you understand how to use it.

Most companies know they should be doing something with social media marketing, but many just don't know what to do or how to get started.  The problem?  You’ve never really had someone who could help you avoid the pitfalls and show you step-by-step how to dominate your market with these social media websites.

Well guess what?

Your Social Marketing Troubles Are About To Become Ancient History

You don’t know it yet, but you’re only moments away from skyrocketing your social media I.Q. and owning not only the expertise…but the utterly unfair advantage you've been looking for over your stiffest competition.

Listen, no one is born an expert at social media marketing…and to master each of these Web 2.0 sites by your own trial and error could take a lifetime!

But there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of some hand-holding when it conveniently comes knocking at your door.

Hi, my name is David Carleton, and I understand exactly where you’re coming from because I’ve been there myself.

I Was So Determined to Learn Everything I Could About Social Media Marketing That I Took Matters into My Own Hands

A few months ago, I convinced 14 leading experts, authors and speakers to put on a "closed door" training session on how to increase sales using the awesome power of  social networking websites - you know, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Squidoo - all the "biggies". 

Wanting to capture every minute of the Increase Sales With Social Media Workshop, I video taped it.  I'm talking over 15 hours of non-stop, jaw-dropping content.

After the word leaked out about these underground videos, I was barraged with requests to release it to the general public. At first I said no, just wanting to save it for his private consulting clients.

But I finally caved into the pressure and have decided to release them...but only 500 copies. (I made this promise to my high-paying clients)


How Good Was This Workshop?  Just Listen to What These Attendees Had to Say...


This workshop connected the "dots" to form a complete picture.  One idea I got will save me months of time.  This was well worth the time and cost.  I learned a ton.

Marc Schissler - Edgecliff Equity Advisors


I loved all the info - Amazing Seminar!!  This info will help me take my business to the next level.

I gained a wealth of knowledge these last two days.  Excited to get started.

C. Klug - Prudential California



This workshop is a must for anyone who is serious about monitizing their online websites and business.

Tom Justin - Core Level Marketing


I learned new information from every speaker.  Gave me confidence to jump into this essential marketing direction - social media.

It will make my business soar.  Traditional media is not generating revenue.  Taking an integrated approach is going to grow my business, credibility and value.

Liz Allen - Exotic World of Gifts

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Now You Can Own Your Own Set of Audio and Video Recordings of the Entire “Increase Sales With Social Media” Workshop And See and Hear What The Privileged Few Attendees Only Got to Hear...Once!

Introducing The Masters of Social Media

Audio/Video Program!

Let’s Face it. Social Media Is Here to Stay…and Social Media is Where Most of Your Customers Already Are!

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I know you think social marketing is probably a lot of work. But you’re in for some pleasant surprises.

Instead of being a dreaded activity…these experts will actually show you how to put your much of your social marketing on complete auto-pilot.

What you don't need is a lot of hype and rehashed information found free all over the Internet, what you need are clear cut strategies that you can apply to your business literally within hours. 

Here's Just a Sampling of Tips, Techniques and Tactics You'll Learn From These Experts...


Mike Koenigs

Mike Koenigs

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website With Video

Mike Exposes:

  • How to reach upwards of 88 video sites with your message literally with the push of a button! This will work even if you’ve never created a video in your life.

  • Simple, paint-by-numbers strategies to producing high quality video scripts in just minutes!

  • The underground secrets of selling more product…without actually “selling anything”. I know that sounds strange, but once you understand this concept you’re going to start seeing double the results in half the time.


Warren Whitlock

Tweet Your Way to Success


Warren Reveals:

  • How to turn Twitter into a flutter of new clients, revenue and brand awareness.

  • The three most common mistakes marketers make on Twitter. You’ll thank your lucky stars you didn’t learn these the hard way.

  • How to cash in right now on a subtle shift in the way we communicate to get what you want, whenever you want.

  • How to leverage little known resources that allow your social media marketing to fund itself.


Matt Bacak

Matt Bacak


How to Integrate Social Media into Your Current Marketing Mix

Matt Shares:

  • The shortest path to making over $4,000 per month of pure profit…ever taught in public.

  • How to generate at up to 3,200 fresh leads from your website per month.

  • An eye-popping peak behind a marketing campaign that generated over $300K in sales per month with only 7 days of work!

  • How to turn your “useless” knowledge into a completely automated full-time income almost overnight.


Shama Hyder

Shama Hyder

How to Use Facebook to Create Online Buzz and Increase Revenues

Shama Unleashes:

  • 3 simple steps to becoming a Facebook rockstar in weeks not months!

  • Little known tweaks to your Facebook profile that can make or break your social marketing campaign.

  • 6 ways to brand your business on Facebook for maximum exposure with minimal effort. Your kids will be amazed when they see you tapping unique Facebook resources even they haven’t heard of!

  • The dangerous misconception that will keep the vast majority of marketers from EVER succeeding with Facebook or any other media.


David Carleton


Using "Linkbait Marketing" to Capture Leads and Increase Sales

David Spills the Beans on:

  • How to combine social media with your current marketing efforts to sell more products and services, more often and at higher prices!

  • Marketing magic you can use today to turn ordinary clients into raving “evangalists” for your business. When you know this secret you you’ll see the floodgates of profit open before your eyes.

  • The coveted “linkbait” method that consistently increases your business every time it’s used and will have each customer feeling like they got the king’s own customer service!

  • Paint by numbers tips to creating special reports that spread like a pandemic and bag new customers year after year even while you sleep.


Dr. Ron Capps

Dr. Ron Capps

How to Use Social Bookmarking to Drive Traffic and Increase Sales

Ron Lifts the Lid on:

  • The secrets most people will never know about social bookmarking. He shows you how anybody can turn  this social media monster into extra cash in your pocket.

  • The tools the experts are using to get noticed at over 65 social bookmarking sites with just one keystroke!

  • Instantly establish yourself as an expert in your field.


Bill Wardell

Squidoo - What is it and How Can You Use it to Increase Sales?

Bill Explains:

  • The one kind of site that will bring you more free traffic from Google than just about any other.

  • The fastest and easiest quickest way to exploit Squidoo for a feast of new leads in any market.

  • How to effortlessly drive mind-numbing traffic to any physical product, information product or online auction in 5 simple steps.

  • A four step formula to not only flourish…but becoming a respected Squidoo Lensmaster!


Denise Wakeman

Get the Best Out of Your Blog


Denise Lets You in on:

  • Exactly how she increased her list size by 400% with one stupidly simple blog.

  • The simple ”blink test” that will turbo charge your blogging efforts.

  • How to increase your brand exposure, and pocket more money at the same time…every time you post to your blog.

  • A 4-Point System to Get Found, Get Known and Get Clients


Chip Lambert

Chip Lambert

Get LinkedIn Online To Get Offline Sales

Chip Unveils:

  • A bulletproof way to leverage LinkedIn for new clients, free exposure and much more.

  • The most sensible and profitable solution to a bad economy you’ve ever heard.

  • A downright genius way to combine your offline and online networking efforts to all but dominate your markets.

  • How to deal with negative comments on your social sites and turn them into a winning advantage for your business


Mari Smith

How to Use Facebook to Explode Your Profits

Mari Discloses:

  • Her unique “Radical Strategic Visibility” strategy which nearly always results in windfall profits on demand from Facebook.

  • How to combine the power of Facebook with the power of Twitter so that everyone and their brother is buzzing about your business.

  • How you can tap into a pool of 125 million new prospects with a form of advertising your competitors still don’t know exists!

  • A little know aspect of Facebook that nearly everyone is missing…but can put your business in the green in just weeks.



Paul Colligan


Podcasting for Increased Sales

Paul Lets You Discover:

  • The ninja tools he uses to put his social marketing efforts onto complete autopilot.

  • Why podcasting might just become your most fun and profitable activity of the day.

  • The new model of content creation that you must know to survive the “silent revolution” in business to consumer marketing.


Nancy Marmolejo

Nancy Marmolejo


How to Use Social Media to Become an Expert in Your Field

Nancy Unlocks:

  • A sneaky blueprint that gives you instant “expert” status in the market of your choice almost overnight.

  • Proven strategies to launch yourself to internet celebrity status while your competitors are forced to lap up the “sloppy seconds"

  • Find hot prospects with laser-like precision and never waste your time again on "tire-kickers."


Dan Hollings

How to Become A Twitter Twenius



  • How to Go From Twitter Newbie to TwitterPro and on to Twitter Genius (where the money is).

  • A variety of strategies (too many mention here) that  you can use to attract followers.

  • Twitter Etiquette - what, when and how to post versus just selling your products and services.

  • Spend less time and become a better "Tweeter" using little known resources that you can use to help you automate your tweets.


Chris Lang

Social Bookmarking Your Way to Google Rankings


  • Unique methods of driving traffic to your website using social bookmarking.

  • Why social bookmarking should be part of your overall social media plan.

  • Which social bookmarking websites should you be using and why.

  • Unique perspectives and strategies you probably have never heard before and much more!

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Is this stuff awesome or what?

OK, You’re Probably Thinking This Sort Of Comprehensive And Practical Training Will Cost You an Arm And a Leg…

And you’d be right to be think that.

Just think what it would cost to go out and get this sort of training on your own.

Some of these expert charges upwards of $1000 per hour consultation fees. Several of the presenters don't even consult with clients one-on-one anymore, at any price.

In many ways, you are luckier than those that actually attended in person.


Because you can hear the gems these experts unleash over and over as often as you like without having to write feverishly to capture one nugget before the next one gets presented.

I can’t tell you how many people attend high end seminars and are so overwhelmed with the information they forget everything they learn.

That simply won’t happen to you because due to the miracle of modern science (LOL) you can stop, rewind, pause and fast-forward at will...seriously, stopping the DVD to absorb an important strategy before moving on to the next is a huge advantage.

Listen, those who witnessed this flood of cutting edge information revealed live shelled out a lot of money in registration fees, airfare, hotel, meals, etc. for the privilege and the consensus was that it was the bargain of the century.

Now you’re going to take part in the exact same experience… all there for you to rewind and replay every last insider secret to your heart’s content.

And you’ll be able to grab all 15+ hours of high quality videos for as little as:

$597, $397, $297 ONLY $47

That's Only $3.13 Per Hour - You Pay Your Babysitter More Than That!

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This is a comprehensive social media marketing education that can literally lead to significant new revenue for those marketers savvy enough to implement just a fraction of what is contained on these videos.

“This Sounds Incredible Dave…But I’m Still Not Sure…”

I get it. You’re asking yourself questions like:

Will this really work for me?

Can I really trust what you’re telling me?

Am I really cut out for social marketing?

I understand, your concerns and that’s why I’m going to make this really easy for you.  Let me wash away every last one of those fears right now.

How?  I’m going to give you my signature money back guarantee.


How About a 60 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!

No, I haven't lost my mind. This program comes with a no-questions, 60-Day money back guarantee.  Go ahead, take your time, take it for a 2-month test-drive.  You must be satisfied that what you learned is everything I have promised or I want you send it back.   No fine explanations, fine print or explanations needed. 

I'm serious, suck in every last profit pulling social media marketing secret from these social media marketing masters.

These secrets are yours to keep for life. Nobody can ever take them from you.

Once you’re through, if you’re not convinced that that information you’ve gained will allow you to create brand new waves of profit into your business month after month, year after year…send it all back and we’ll refund every last penny.

You really have nothing to lose and the potential to add significant sales and profits to your company to gain.

The risk is completely mine!


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Just in Case You Need More "Social Proof" Listen to What a Few More Attendees of the Live Social Media Workshop Had to Say





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When your investment is 100% guaranteed… is this even a decision?

Simply Select The Option That's Right For You...

Here's What You Get:

Streaming and/or




Streaming or


Videos and MP3s

Streaming or Download Video Only
Want to save some money but still learn it all?  This option let's you watch all the videos by "streaming" or downloading directly to your computer.  No waiting for your DVDs to arrive.  You could be watching these videos minutes from now!


MP3 Audio Download
Contains all 14 speaker presentations plus the special Q&A session. Just download these MP3s directly to your computer.   Great to listen to on a laptop and most CD and car CD players


BONUS - 8 e-books on internet and social media marketing - A $137 Value
MySpace, Craig'sList, StumbleUpon, Article Marketing and much more!


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Here’s to your social media success!


David Carleton

P.S. Remember, even if you’re only remotely curious about social media marketing, go ahead and order. If you aren’t thrilled with what you’ve learned you won’t pay a dime for any of it!